Josephine Bergsøe has wanted to be a goldsmith for as long as she can remember.

As a child she experimented with shaping metal and melting glass, discovering the magic of the transformative process – and her passion in life. Plus it was practical. A craft that doesn’t take much space when your biggest childhood dream is to live on a ship and sail around the world creating jewellery and sculptures.

Right after school she got her first job with the goldsmith Jytte Kløve, and went on to became the apprentice of the renowned Danish jeweller Klaus Kromann:

‘I owe him everything! I had so many dreams about what I wanted to create, but I was no craftswoman. Over four years he hammered a pride in good craftsmanship into me – the foundation of everything I do today.’

Josephine didn’t end up living at sea, but she continues to travel the oceans – one of her main sources of inspiration. She can transform an oilrig in the North Atlantic into a tiara, and crystallize a school of colourful fish into a sapphire bracelet.

‘Ideas are never in short supply. They’re there every single waking minute. But choosing the right ones and shaping them into a satisfying piece of quality craftsmanship, that’s the true art.’

As well as creating wearable art Josephine has exhibited her creations widely – at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and The Danish Museum of Art and Design in Denmark, and in New York, Berlin, Moscow, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Reykjavik, Dublin and China. She has also been commissioned to create pieces for the royal family of Denmark.

Today Josephine has an exclusive, international clientele including Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Jeremy Irons and Halle Berry. People who value individuality and style – and appreciate a passionate attention to detail.

Josephine Bergsøe’s jewellery is sold by leading international galleries, but is also available at the beautiful Pavillion boutique in Copenhagen she still calls home. Here you can discover a whole range of unique handcrafted jewellery and get expert advice on specially designed pieces, like the custom-made wedding rings that are only ever made individually for customers.


1992-93 Classes with the American sculptor Lester Wiese, California
1989-90 Institute of Precious Metals, Copenhagen
1985-89 Apprentice to the Danish goldsmith Klaus Kromann


Josephine Bergsøe

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